Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Bennett's Christmas Play

December 14th, Bennett was in Sts. Peter and Paul School's K-grade 2 Christmas play! He was an angel, and had a line to say in the play. Much prep and practice went into the performance, and it was a huge success.
Here's Ben, when he first spotted me in the crowd. It was so cute to see him searching through everyone for me when the curtains opened.

Singing with Mia and Jacob.

He said his line perfectly (and loudly) into the microphone. "The baby is the Son of God, sent to us from above." (so proud, I was. :-)

Bennett's pensive 'waiting' expression.

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Here he is, getting ready for the evening show. Unfortunately, I had to work, and only got to see the afternoon performance, but at least I got to see him in action once. :-)

I know the next pictures look very similar. But I love the "varying expressions o'Bennett" showcased in them.

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He looks like he's taking off in this one.

The whole K-grade 2 gang.

Bennett is beside Mary (aka Lillian ;-)

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Again, he looks like he's about to fly (this time up to the microphone for his line.)

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(He's growing up so fast...)

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Trent said...

He is so STINKIN cute!!!!!!! How handsome. He looks like he could be doing 5 things at once!!! ha!!!