Friday, April 2, 2010

SEVEN years of Xavier :-)

Today is/was Xavier's birthday (I say 'was' because he is in bed sleeping as I write this. ;-)

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Straight out the gate - it had the potential for being a great day for Xavier. The weather was PERFECT (i.e. 80 and sunny, his kind of weather!) and...I couldn't believe The Disney Channel actually participated in celebrating Xavier's birthday, too... Xavier woke up late today, because its the first day of Spring Break. This meant that he missed his obligatory morning dose of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (by now everyone on Earth knows Xavier LOVES Mickey). Or I thought he missed it...Disney KNEW Xavier would sleep in, made the show come on 1/2 hour after it usually does, AND, made it an hour long special!! Score.

Nick was at work the first 3/4 of the day, so Xavier, Bennett and I just hung out here at home. Xavier listened to some music, played with some of his favorite toys, and was having a grand old time.

Right before lunch, a delivery man showed up with a bouquet of balloons that could nearly make our house float away like in the movie "UP". Our friends, (Aunt Court, Uncle Will, Gabe, Clara, and Mallory) had sent it for him. What a hit it was! He played with the balloons for hours (no joke) and had the best time. Mickey is bigger than him -heck, he's almost as big as me! LOL. Thanks a million times over, Dannemillers!

Look at X's arm - 'come here, Mickey. I want to whack on you.'

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After lunch was more 'hang out/relaxation time', which Xavier is fond of. Clara came over and played. We enjoyed the terrific sunshine and warm breezes. What an amazing thing to have it be 'summer in April' for Xavier. He loves warm weather, and more than once (okay, a ton) I've wished that we live in a more temperate climate. Ohio weather is the pits. The PITS!

We had dinner out at The Olive Garden with The Dannemillers. Xavier's hands down favorite food is Italian, so it worked out perfectly that we had to find someplace with many non-meat choices (today is also Good Friday). Xavier had cheese ravioli and scarfed every last morsel down. And a breadstick too. The best part of dinner was watching him hold Gabe's hand 1/2 the time we were there. Gabe was sitting to his left, and Xavier kept reaching for him, patting his arm, holding his was very touching. He routinely grabs the person to his right (me) but he didn't want me, he was obviously choosing his friend Gabe, and I thought that was pretty sweet and special. :-)

X 'happy screamed' and belly laughed the ENTIRE 20 minute ride home.

There will be more 'celebration of Xavier turning 7!!' on Easter Sunday, when our friends and family are here. Stay tuned for more pictures, there are sure to be many.

What a super day, for an child who really deserves it. I'm endlessly proud of his ability to make real differences in the way others see their own lives and the world around them. He's got an incredibly infectious spirit of love and happiness about him. I will never stop being in awe of him and who he becomes to every one he touches. I cherish you, Xavier, and feel unbelievably lucky to be your Mom. <3 xo <3