Saturday, March 13, 2010

X lost his first tooth!

Xavier's front right tooth came out (with a bit of help from Nick) on Tuesday, March 9th, right before bed. I was unfortunately at work and missed the big event. But reports from both Nick and Bennett were that Xavier was cranky before it came out. It had started bleeding a little because X was moving around so much with his finger out of annoyance of its hyper-loose state. But after Nick twisted it just a little, it came out, and Xavier was really happy.

I took these the next morning before school. I woke him up, and asked, "Xavier! Where's your tooth?!" He put his finger in his mouth right away, pushed his tongue against where the tooth should have been and got this huge grin on his face. It was re-played just like that at school when he was showing off his MIA tooth-status to his entourage.
Look how pleased he is! Also, take note of the cool shirt Xavier is wearing, made by him by our friend, Andy. ( Its very appropriate, as we call Xavier "Ralphie" occasionally. He shares, we think, a striking resemblance to Peter Billingsly's character on "A Christmas Story".
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We waited until Friday night, March 12th to put the tooth under his pillow. I wanted Nick and I both to be home to discover in the morning what the Tooth Fairy had brought Xavier. Here's the little case that Grandma P bought Xavier when he was born. After I put the tooth in there, I thought...this looks like a little tooth casket, with the blue velvet lining.

(My apologies to the sissies who are grossed out by the 'tooth funeral' picture below. )
Bennett's note to the Tooth Fairy (his idea and words):
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The prize this morning?! A MICKEY MOUSE CUP WITH A STRAW!!! The Tooth Fairy is a complete genius. This is a perfect present! Its a well known fact that Xavier LOVES Mickey Mouse, but a little known fact that he has recently learned how to drink from a straw (after 5+ years of trying).

He loves it!

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(The "Tooth Fairy" wants to say an extra special thank you to her assistant present-shopper Melisa M. You're such a caring, thoughtful friend! Xavier LOVES it!!)

Monday, March 1, 2010

2010 Polar Bear Jump

February 20th, we knew 5 out of the 393 nutty (yet chariable ;-) people who jumped in the frozen Portage Lakes to raise money for the American Cancer Society. And, everyone actually lucked out...we had one of the best weather-days of 2010 so far, nearly 40 and sunny.
It was quite an event - 393 jumpers and about 4000 spectators. Nick, Bennett, and I came out to support the 5 crazies we knew who were going for a swim : Lisa, Lesa, Dr. Dang, Crissy, and Dale. Parking was we are waiting for the bus to come shuttle us from the parking lot to the jump site.

Before the jumping even started (but after an incident that acquainted me with the fact that Ben is petrified of port-a-potties)...Bennett was whining about the cold. (Even though it was so warm, that at some point I took my coat off. And this fact alone, I'll have you know, means it was NOT that cold out.) I believe in this picture he just got finished saying, "I'm cold. Hold me."

Here are my friends - Lisa, Lesa, and Dr. Dang, waiting for their turn to jump...


...and Crissy and Dale jumping.

Look at what a good sport Lisa is...Bennett wanted to take her picture with my phone (his latest fun thing to do.) She hadn't even changed out of her cold, wet clothes. And the wind was picking up! What a trooper!

Proud popsicles.

Just a popsicle. (waiting for the bus back to the car.)

Nick and Ben raced to our car (the white they've got quite a long way to go yet...) Nick was showing no mercy that day, and pulled ahead full speed. Ben stopped and performed his "cowardly lion" impression. Real, this time.

See? He's saying, "Dad's not supposed to be able to BEAT ME!!!"

So, it was a fun day. No one died of hypothermia, cardiac arrest, or the like (although the Metro LifeFlight was on standby). However, there was some excitement. Some dude stripped down to nothing, was wrestled to the ground by my friend Mel's husband who is a cop, and was arrested. Several 30-something year old guys jumped in the lake in their white boxer briefs. Looked fine jumping in, ba-a-a-ad coming out. And a spectator standing on the frozen lake fell through the ice. Wonder if anyone sponsored her retroactively, since she technically took a dunk...?

c. 1982

My jacket, when I was 5/6 years old.

For those of you who aren't from Doylestown, our school mascot = "The Chipps". As in the "Chippewa Indians." He thinks its so cool that this was my jacket at his age. Its VINTAGE! HA!

Me and Bennett. I'm not sure why he was wanting to showcase this movie. It IS a really good one, though. ;-)

Here are some recent fun tales, courtesy of Bennett. (I beg your pardon if you are one of my "Facebook friends" and you're reading this for the second time...)
Dinner conversation:
Me to B: "Hey, what do you want people to call you? Ben, Bennett, Benny...?"
B: "What about BenBen?"
Me: (smiling because I call him that a lot) "Well, that's cute and all, but what about in someplace like school?"
B: "I like Bennetta"
Me: "Bennetta?"
B: "Yes, Bennetta. Because it rhymes with Canada...well...not really, but it sort of does. And I'd like it to be spelled with only one 'n' just like Canada."
Bennett (which he eventually told me he prefers to be called) is constantly being doted on by the girls in his class. I think its because he's got a sort of 'hard to get' personality. Not on purpose, its just his nature, he's a pretty quiet kiddo, but funny, cute, and sweet...and kids having to work to get his attention to get reaction out of him is magnetic, I think. Anyway, the little girls are frequently touching him, hugging him, talking to him. We're always working with him on using words instead of action to make people aware of his feelings. So, when a friend told me she had witnessed Ben having had quite enough of the attentions of one sweet little girl, who was tousling his hair, I was so proud to hear that he looked right at her and said, "I wish you would not do that." (I laughed for about 10 min when my friend told me this, because I guess he said it with an inflection of quiet annoyance in his voice, and then walked away. So funny.)
"I can't lift it!!" grunted in effort when trying to lift a 35# toddler out of his way. (LOL)
I have learned that Bennett has an intense fear of port-a-potties. (But don't we all.) For the sake of not being too graphic, I will spare you the details. However, lets just say, when you gotta go, you'll figure out a way to make things work.
He has acquired new nicknames - "FratBoy" (I feel he has some of the habits of a college age boy at times, save for the appetite...) and "Cowardly Lion" referring to his particular brand of sobbing (both real and fake.)
And lastly (for now, I need to write more of these down to remember...he comes up with some real doozies...) he has taken to calling me "Mommy Salami." For which I have returned the favor, and am calling him "Bennett Bologna."
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