Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bennett is SIX!

My Bennett Paul turned six on June 15th. Benny looked forward to the day since June 16th, 2009. Every once in awhile throughout the year, he scrolls through the list of family birthdays to figure out how many he must make it through until it's finally his turn again. This year brought some confusion, because his birthday was on the 15th, but his party wasn't until the 26th. So, the date of his actual birthday came into question. (In his mind at at least. Ha!)

To celebrate, Bennett, Xavier, and I were had planned on taking a couple of friends to place with Mini-golf, Go-Karts, etc, etc. But the weather was HOT and had the potential for strong storms...therefore, we decided doing something in a nice air-conditioned space would be much better. So, Ben, Xavier, Gabe, Clara, and I loaded into the van and away we went. BOWLING!!! I suggested it (I stinking love bowling) and Ben jumped on it. I got a kick out of the fact that Gabe and Clara wanted to pretend I was their Mom for the afternoon, and went totally overboard with shouting "MOM! Look at me!" "MOM! Can I push my brother Xavier down the ramp?!" "MOM! These bowling shoes don't fit me!"

Very excited and happy -

For only his second time bowling, I was really impressed with how well he did with it. Not bad form!

The nice people at the alley set up a ramp for Xavier to get down to the lane, and then had another ramp for him to push the ball down. He LOVED it. We had to hold his hands back while we were setting the ramp/ball up for him. As soon as I pushed his chair up to the ramp, he brought his arms up and was looking for the ball to push. He had so much fun.
Looking and listening for the balls to come back from the lane.
He rolled a STRIKE on this one! (I think he knew it was a good one when he pushed it off - look at his face. ;-)
Gabe, getting ready to hold X's hands up so I could put the ball on the ramp.
Alternative method of rolling the ball...
He shouted "Wow! I threw the ball so high and far!" and then I heard him say under his breath, "I'm not sure if that's good or not." (HA!)

Four of my favorite people, EVER!!! :-)
Back home that night, Ben requested "breadsticks with dippy sauce" for dinner. Wish granted! (He thought it was so cool I stuck candles in the breadsticks. ;-)

And...the moment he 'd been waiting for. For MONTHS. The unveiling of the birthday present. A Nintendo DSi. I couldn't help but tease him a little though. I emptied the box and put in 2 pairs of socks (old ones - HA!) instead of the DSi. He was confused for a second, but then laughed sort of nervously and said, "Ummm, really. Is there a DSi in the house somewhere?"

And of course, there was. With a green cover. He LOVES green. His Kindergarten teacher said he's the only student in her history of teaching that needed multiple green crayons throughout the year. Not because he broke them or lost them, but because he used them all up. HA!

Happy Birthday, Bennett :-) Watching you grow up is probably the most magical thing I've ever witnessed. You make me laugh with your cleverness and funny, witty remarks. I admire your creativity and sensitivity. You ooze charm, silliness, and cuteness. Your strength and persistence to succeed in what you do continue to amaze me. I'm so proud of you and count myself super lucky to be your mom. I'm endlessly happy because you are in my life. XOXO with boundless love, Mom.