Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I believe our family had it!! It wasn't too bad, Bennett caught the brunt of it and missed only 2 days of school (and was sick over the weekend too...) He had a high fever (104) and coughed like crazy...but the rest of us just got low grade who knows. This was back in early October (since I'm so dreadfully behind in blog post-age...)

Despite the fact that I think we all had it, I'm positive you'll all be very relieved (lol) to know that my boys and I got vaccinated for the virus anyway. Poor Nick did not make it into a high risk group, and therefore, does not yet qualify to receive the vaccine. I pledge to keep vigilant watch for a vaccine for "normal" people (hehe) so that he stays healthy too. "They" promise a second wave of H1N1 is coming in the spring. Yippee!!

Here's Benny on one of his days off from school. In true Bennett-fashion, that kid would never let a sometimes-lethal virus get him down. Nope, not one bit. He insisted on HOURS of boardgames. This is his favorite - "Make or Break" Its a block patterning game, and its his favorite. When Xavier's home (he was at school this day), Ben does the "making" and Xavier does the "breaking". Ben was happy he got to do both on this day. ;-)
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