Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pumpkin festivities

I realize its December 9th, and I am 2 holidays behind. But I am bound and determined to catch up this blog to the present in the next few days. So, kindly reset your mind from Christmas trees and refrain from singing Silver Bells, whilst I take you back a good month or two for a few moments. Humor me.

This year, we were lucky enough to have the weather stay so nice, so late in the fall season. We carved our pumpkins outside, which everyone enjoyed immensely. Ben was very contemplative about this year's pumpkin carving design...

As usual, Xavier loved holding and whacking on his pumpkin and then pushing it off his lap to the ground. This year, we had an especially resilient pumpkin, which survived 2 roll-offs onto our concrete patio without catastrophe.


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The well-thought out design, coming to life, from the mind of a great artiste:

Ben said his "jack-o-lantern is shy, and does not want his picture taken." ;-)

After the pumpkin carving was all said and done, the boys played on the swings (it was too nice to go back inside...) Xavier's glasses seemed to be bothering him while he was swinging, so I took them off. He looks so different without them. I love those big brown eyes. :-)
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I gave him some leaves to play with. He LOVES this, and was intent on grabbing them, crinkling them, and trying to eat them for about 40 minutes.
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Bennett stopped swinging, running, and raking leaves with Nick long enough to quickly take a couple shots by the tree. :-)

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and then he was off to better things... :-)
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