Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bennett's Kindergarten Halloween party

The day after trick or treat, the boys had their Halloween parties at school. I helped out with Bennett's (I'm trying to alternate helping with holidays between the boys, since they're at different schools.)
When I arrived, the kids were already in their costumes. You'll notice that Ben decided he wanted to wear an alternative to his "Hillbilly Spiderman". He chose to be Mickey Mouse out of an assortment of costumes offered to us his older buddy, Gabe.
Here, the kids are getting instructions on what's going to happen. First, there will be class pictures outside (another beautiful Fall day) and, then, a Halloween costume parade through the main street of our town.

Sts. Peter and Paul School Kindergarten class with Mrs. Dragovich and Mrs. Williams.

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They were the first class ready for the parade, so Mrs. Williams suggested a game of duck-duck-goose to pass the time.

Ben and friend, Lillian.

I took this picture to showcase our new library. What once was an empty lot, is now a highlight of our little community's downtown area.
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The Kindergarten building at Sts. Peter and Paul School.

I blew my tire out on my way to the party. Hehe.
Costume change! I knew B would be hot in that Mickey costume, so I had "Hillbilly Spiderman" stashed in the car, just in case. The poor child was sweating after our walk, and asked me to switch outfits. Here he is, entering the spooky Kindergarten building. (His friend, Jacob, is also Spidey in the background. ;-)
The party consisted of snacks, "scary" stories, and games. Ben and I made those hands hanging down from the ceiling (gloves stuffed with gummy worms and and candy corn :-)
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Listening to "spooky stories" told by classmates. This was really cute, as the stories were completely made up on the fly. Kindergarteners are kings of improvisation!

We played games too - Halloween Bingo...

and Twister...

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and another round of duck-duck-goose.

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Trent said...

Looks like a MARVELOUS Halloween day! Great pictures! I still cant imagine your little frame steering the mini-van through town---can't quit laughing---Is there a lift on the pedals?? HEE HEE JUST KIDDING!!!!!!

Ya--I still prefer CRAMMING Into a sedan--so WHAT!!!! Do you have a point??!!!

Moving On---Ben looks like he has a great life!!!!


Kristy said...


I can barely see over the steering wheel of my van...and that's even with me sitting on 2 phone books, with pedal extensions. ;-p

Kristy said...

Izabella is probably taller than I am by now.