Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

Xavier loves this timeless little ditty. I've sang it with him since he was born, and it's stuck. He smiles and 'sings' along with you nearly every time.
One of his creative, thoughtful teachers (Mrs. Kerr) took this fact and ran with it. She made him a little activity board for him to act out the song. There are white puffy clouds to feel, and a spider that can move up and down the spout, which is cleverly made out of a bendy straw.
We play with it all the time...it never fails to capture his interest instantly and bring a smile to his sweet little face.

He can move the spider up and down the spout...

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Singing along -

I don't know for sure, but I think Xavier and his buddy at school helped draw the house.

Thank you, Mrs. Kerr, for being the special person you are to Xavier and our family. We appreciate you daily. :-)
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On a rather unrelated note (other than the pictures were taken on the same day...), here's Benny, lining up his cars in what he calls, "the Kitchen Garage."

And he calls this - "the overhang, so they don't get wet." Ha!

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Trent said...

I almost got tears (okay maybe I did!) in my eyes about the Itsy Bitsy Spider!!! That was so cute!!!
What a neat idea!