Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Raking leaves

Question: What better posts are there to make on the week of Christmas, than ones about raking leaves and a Halloween party?
Answer: Many multitudes of different wintery/Christmasy subjects, of course! However, I'm still committed to catching this blog up...so deal with it, my friends. Deal. With. It. Tonight, I will finally work on some winter/Christmas style posts, and I will therefore feel at peace with life. ;-)
Okay, so I'll get on with the final posts of Fall 2009.
Raking leaves is not something we're especially fond of, but its a necessity, so we try to make the best of it. We have oak trees in our yard, which means that we are STILL raking leaves mid-November.
Here's me and Xavier prior to Leaf Fest 2009. I had Nick take this to prove Xavier is giant (compared to me, anyhow.)

T-shirt weather in November is soooooo terrific!

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The leaf tarp...oh, the leaf tarp. The only effective way to take leaves from the back to the front for pick-up.

This picture I'm sure will someday horrify poor Bennett. But I have to remember the times when he tells me, "you are the best mom in the whole world, and I love you with my whole heart, forever and ever." :-)

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Ben was so pleased that the leaves he threw landed right on my head.

Xavier was not amused with the leaf festivities this year :-( ...

...but Bennett was. :-)

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Melanie Hitchings said...

I love the pictures of you and the boys in the leaves! Benny is right you are the best Mommy ever! And props to Nick for getting some good pictures of you. He too can be a photographer!

Trent said...

I wish we had large Oak trees in our yard--NOT FAIR!!! Look at all of those leaves. WHAT FUN!!!

I'm not even being sarcastic. Izabella & I are Jealous!


Kristy said...

thanks, Mel...that was very sweet of you to say. :-)

and Rachel - you and Izabella (and Trent and Carson) are very welcome to fly in every November to help us rake. It'd be fun. :-)