Sunday, September 23, 2007

A visit to the orchard

This weekend's weather was incredible - low to mid 80's and a beautiful blue sky. We love fall! Saturday we took a drive out to a local orchard to buy some apples and other goodies. Xavier and Ben liked all the neat things to see and touch - indian corn, gourds, pumpkins. I think Ben enjoyed the cheese samples most of all. He ate so many, I felt obligated to buy a block of cheese :)

Ben rocked in this rocking chair with this giant stuffed bear for a long time. After he was done, he brought it to Xavier for him to see too. Then he put it on the floor and got on its back saying, "I'm gonna ride the big bear, Mommy!" I told him the bear was tired and just wanted to sit in the rocking chair again. This obviously made sense to Ben :) who got right up and ran over to put the "tired" bear back in the chair. He said, "Have a good nap, Bear!"

Xavier liked the feel of the bumpy indian corn.

As we were leaving a train was going by in the valley in the distance. Ben was so excited! "Daddy, lift me up to see the choochoo train!"

Ben is an apple fanatic. When he saw the huge bins of apples at the orchard, he said, "whoa Mommy, that's a lot of apples. I'm gonna eat them all!" Here he is sitting on a hay bale eating just one apple :) Hey, you've gotta start somewhere, right?

The apple eating continued in the car.

Xavier blowing raspberries at Ben as he eats his apple. I think he was jealous.


Melissa said...

Fun trip, I'll have to see if there's an orchard near us! It sounds like both boys had a great time!

Teagansmama said...

Which orchard do you go to?
We went to Mapleside (in Brunswick) on Sunday morning. It was terrific, but I hear it might be closing in the next year or so. We used to drive to Michigan for our favorite little orchard (we lived in Toledo when we started going) but it's like a 3 hour drive now. :/ Looking for a new orchard for next year.

Kristy said...

We went to Rittman Orchard - they grow many fruits and vegetables on site, and also have a gift shop, bakery, and fun fall activities (pick-your-own-pumpkins and apples, and a corn maze). Let me know if you'd like directions! Its only about 5 min from our house :)

Rachel said...

The orchard sounds like fun. You dont miss a beat Kristy!!!