Tuesday, September 18, 2007

After-school fun

Today Xavier and Ben had their friends Gabe and Clara over after school. Ben always gets really wound up when they're around because he loves them so much. And Xavier loves the attention from mother hen Clara :)

Ben and Gabe on the glider.

Clara was providing tremendous entertainment to Xavier - with silly faces and "feet puppets" and "hand puppets", as she called them, over the top of his highchair.

Xavier was laughing hysterically at Clara's wiggly feet when I took this picture!

A group shot -

Playing in one of the new cabinets - notice all the kitchen construction in the other pictures?

Whoa Gabe - look at you! This kick has a name, but I can't remember what he called it :) Ben was simply in awe of Gabe after this.

The big hit of the afternoon was everyone taking turns giving Xavier high chair rides. Xavier was loving this new game. He thought the bumps they hit when moving between rooms were hilarious. (sorry its blurry - they were going FAST!)

Apparently all that fun was exhausting, here is Xavier after Gabe and Clara went home :)

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