Friday, September 14, 2007

Just when you think its safe to leave the house...

this happens:

Yep folks, that's a mosquito bite right after it happened. Poor Xavier is so sensitive to mosquitos. And unfortunately, after the massive amount of rain and standing water we had a couple of weeks ago, it was mosquito breeding heaven. We literally could not go outside to play for over a week; just opening the back door was cause for alarm! I've never seen so many mosquitos in my life. The last couple of days have been better, but one still managed to find him this morning, on his back (through his shirt!) of all places. This is only his 2nd bite of the summer.The first one, about a week ago, was on his foot and caused it to swell up twice its normal size! So far, the one on his back has grown to a solid lump over a half-dollar size, with a large red ring around it. Bring on the Benadryl and hydrocortizone cream! Yikes!

Benny had withdrawl after not being able to play outside for that long, so he's really enjoying being out again. Here's our little man - "I'm hanging upside down, Mommy!" he shouts.

Ben has become fascinated with acorns. We have several mature oak trees in our yard, so this time of year, there are thousands of acorns tumbling from the sky. Ben likes to compare how big they are, "here's a tiny one, Mommy!" "Whoa, this one's giant, Mommy" (remember he ends almost every sentence with "mommy"? :) He's particularly interested in the ones that fall in a cluster, so he can count them. As he was seaching the ground and collecting them yesterday, I said, "Ben, show the camera your acorns so I can take a picture." He had just found a cluster of them and shouted, "hey camera, look at my acorns!!" (he was on the word "acorns" when I snapped the photo).

Xavier - so happy to be swinging once again!

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Melissa said...

Wow, poor guy that's some serious swelling. It's looks like both boys enjoy the outdoors despite the bugs though.
Ben is so strong, I love the picture of him hanging upside down!