Tuesday, September 4, 2007

First day of school!

Yippee! Both boys have been so excited for today to come, we've been talking about it a lot. Xavier always claps his hands and "dances" with his legs when we talk about all the kids he'll see again and his teachers. And Benny loves to hear and talk about all the fun things he'll get to do in school. Last night we prepared by packing their backpacks Benny carefully chose between Thomas the Train and Superman, "choo-choo backpack" as he calls it, won. And the boys took turns sitting in Xavier's wheelchair before we loaded it in the van to take to school. Xavier loves to sit in his chair because it allows him to use his hands for playing instead of to support himself.
Xavier's turn in his chair-

Now its Benny's turn!

This is the best shot I could get of the boys together before school.

Both of them were so excited from all the school talk yesterday, they did not fall asleep until about 10:15 which is very unusual(they were in bed by 8:15!) Then it was an early morning because school starts at 8:15. Benny woke up on his own, but Xavier had to be woken up. For those of you who know Xavier well, you know that this spells trouble most of the time - he was very tired this morning. When Benny woke up, I heard his little feet hit the ground running, he burst out of his room and shouted, "I go to school today, hooray!!"

I asked Benny to stand by this tree so I could get a "first day of school picture". Why the pout Benny?! Are you tired too? Don't you love his outfit - his pick, he's so particular about what he wears!

Benny hanging up his backpack under his cubby.

This picture of Xavier really cracks me up. Look at that face. He looks so unamused, but really he's just very tired.

Both boys reportedly had a very good first day. When I came in to pick them up, Xavier was laying on the floor playing with one of his friends from last year. He loves to interact with other kids his age. Benny is going to enjoy that too. I took him to play at the park after lunch today while Xavier hung out with Grandma and Grandpa P and while he was playing he looked around and said, "where are all the other kids?!" The playground was deserted, he needed a buddy!

The boys don't return back to school until next Tuesday because of the "staggered start" for standardized testing, but I'm sure we'll have more interesting school adventures to share soon! We are looking forward to lots of fun and learning over the school year!

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Aunt Kelly said...

Oh, the first day of school. Everyone is excited and nervous (including the teachers). I had some of my kids tell me on that first day of school that they didn't sleep, they just watched the clock all night because they couldn't wait to go to school. They both look so cute in their pictures.