Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back in the saddle again!

Xavier started back up with his weekly hippotherapy adventures last week! He loves it, and it really does make such a difference in the tone in his trunk. Its almost as if he gets an energy boost afterwards too. Just talking about riding CJ brings a big grin to Xavier's face. I'm so proud of him - he's so determined to get stronger!

Today was pretty warm for mid-September - mid 80's. Beautiful day! So I loaded the boys up with bug spray (the mosquitos are still bad here!) and off for a trail ride they went.


Benny was looking longingly into the field. There is an exciting possibility that Ben may also be able to get in on the action! We are checking into it, and maybe we'll soon have some pictures of Ben riding too!

Here's a favorite activity of Ben's. Any time there is a paper towel roll to be found, he pretends he's a pirate ("arrr! I'm a pirate!" he says)looking through a telescope. This "telescope" he found on the therapy office's bathroom floor. OK, I know that's gross, but I figured, it can't be any worse that anything else he'd touched in the barn minutes earlier. When looking through the telescope, he always says, "I see something!" and then proceeds to tell you what he has scoped out. Today he was following Xavier on his horse (of course) and a tiny white butterfly that was about 30 feet away - good tracking skills Ben!

Ben has 2 horses that he really likes at the barn. This one is Pumpkin, the other one is Ziggy. I'm hoping that he'll get to ride one of them. He remembers their names and always says, "Mommy - Xavier is going to ride CJ. I'm gonna go see Pumpkin and Ziggy."

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Teagansmama said...

I'm thinking Pumpkin. Ziggy is already used 2 sessions on Wednesdays. :)