Sunday, September 23, 2007

A sweet treat!

This afternoon we decided to take a walk to the ice cream stand. Ben said, "I want white ice cream, Mommy!" When I told him white ice cream is called "vanilla", he said, "Vanilla isn't ice cream, Mommy. Its a kitty cat." This is because our good friends' new kitten is named Vanilla. So much for trying to get a concrete 3 year old to think abstractly. :)

Here's the boys on our ice cream journey.

Ben with his "white" ice cream.

Xavier was so happy and excited about his ice cream. Nick said Xavier was kicking so hard he could barely hang onto him!

We didn't stay too long because there were so many bees! Unfortunately I got stung between my fingers as I was trying to swat a bee away from Ben...but least it didn't sting him! On the way back home, Ben wanted to pull Xavier in the wagon. He always amazes us with his feats of strength. He managed to pull Xavier about 1/8th of a mile.

He couldn't resist going "off-road" one time - the small ditch was just beckoning him! Xavier thought it was funny; he loves a bumpy ride. Ben also took Xavier over the storm grates on our street, which are very bumpy. He said, "Here we go over the bumpies, Xavier! Weeee! Did you like that, Xavier!" Its really cute how he ends almost every sentence with the person's name he's talking to. Here's Ben taking Xavier off the beaten path, and a couple more showing off how strong he is ;).


Melissa said...

Ymmm! Hannah is really into ice cream right now...I can get her to do anything by just saying the words.

Teagansmama said...

Teagan's favorite is "pink" (aka strawberry...which she can tell you if you ask what flavor it is), though sometimes she asks for "barilla" (vanilla) or "yellow" (we have frozen lemonade push-ups she likes...though we gave her banana once (it was yellow) and she liked that too!

My kid will endure about anything for ice cream or popsicles! :) (last night it was hanging around waiting for Mama to finish painting the fence)

Rachel said...

What a great picture of Ben pulling Xavier. How neat!