Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Brrr! It's cold, Mommy!"

Benny enjoyed a popsicle this afternoon while watching Nick and our neighbor put the vent in for our new oven/cooktop. This involved cutting a hole in the brick outside and tearing down part of our porch ceiling. Needless to say, he could barely take his eyes off the action long enough to look at the camera for a picture. Ben is very interested in tools and fixing things. He wants to do everything just like daddy. He'll say, "Daddy's building us a new kitchen. Daddy's doing a good job." I'm so proud of Benny - he's very polite. In the store today, I had to return something and when the cashier handed me the receipt he said, "Thank you, thank you for our paper!" (its always 2 thank you's!). Then when we made our purchase of the day (a truck that was on clearance for $1.24!), he said to the cashier as she handed him the truck after scanning it, "Thank you, thank you for my truck!" I'm a lucky mommy.

In this picture, he had just taken a big bite off the popsicle. It was the one moment he was able to rip his eyes away from the excitment to say, "Brrr! It's cold, Mommy!"

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