Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, July 17 (last day)

We decided to cut out a day earlier than planned for a few reasons (see previous post for most of those reasons. lol). In spite of having a really great time, it just made sense to have an entire weekend at home before having to head back into normal life again. In addition, Ben was ready. Really, really ready to be back home again.

Here are some shots I love from our last day on the beach:



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The drive home was just as relaxed and uneventful as the ride there. Hooray for that!

Alright, to summarize the entire vacation, it was unbelievably good to:
1. Hang out with friends who are more like family
2. Unwind
3. Do nothing
4. Do lots of things

We made great memories. And that's pretty much the best thing you can get out of a family vacation. :-)

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Fluhrer said...

What a great trip!!! I loved all of the pictures and I cant believe how much you had that Gorgeous beach to yourself!!!!! I think you made some amazing memories. Glad you blogged each day out for me since I hadn't checked the facebook ones because I am BANNING FACEBOOK!!!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Starting now............Starting N O W (Kramer, Seinfeld)