Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12

Sunday we awoke early, to get ready for our trip to Milwaukee. We had arranged to meet our friends, the Bergs, at the Milwaukee Zoo.

Here are B, X, Gabe, and Mallory engrossed in cartoons that morning.

X drinking his milk, and hanging out with Malmal.

Ugh - soooooooo cute - he reached out to touch her. Total sweetness. :-)

He kept his hand like this for a few minutes and she had fun trying to eat it. That's just what 6 month old babies do.
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We loaded the car back up and headed out for another drive, this time 3 hours to Milwaukee. Nick took this picture as we drove through Chicago (I'm the driver when we go places. Otherwise I get sick.). Chicago is nightmarish with respect to traffic, construction, and just outright confusion, if you haven't had the priveledge of driving there lately.

Family shot at the zoo - thanks for offering to take this, Darin!

Nick, Bennett, and Olivia, watching the hippos...

...and now the elephants.
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Poor X was so exhausted from all the travel, along with the usual effects his seizures have on him. He fell asleep and missed out on a pony ride :-(

Hannah, Livvy, and Bennett waited patiently for their turn to ride the ponies.

Love this - look how excited he was :-)

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B grabbed Hannah's hand as we waited in line to ride the train. They had both waited soooo LONG for the ride.

On the train ---


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Nick and Ben stopped to watch the train take off again. It was a real steam engine, which was really cool to see.
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It was a great zoo trip, and we were so happy to see the Bergs after two years! Thanks for meeting us there!

Then back to the beach house - battled 3 hours of construction and traffic, to make it home just in time to watch fireworks on the beach.
Here are a couple pictures I took during the fireworks. Just because.


More Mallory-Xavier bonding time. They love each other :-)

Look how GIANT Xavier is. Whoa.
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Another great day. Tiring, due to the travel (after the previous day of travel), but great.:-)

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Fluhrer said...

Xaver must love babies as much as Carson. Carson likes to imitate the noises they make.
They look so cute together just chillin'
Those firework pictures were very interesting I must say! It made me laugh a little! WHY?? CAUSE IT DID!