Sunday, August 23, 2009


Benny has moved on from those enormous 'Duplo' Legos to the Lego kits with the teeny-tiny pieces that have the curious ability to:
1.) get lost within approximately 3.7 seconds of opening the package
2.) resist separation from another lego piece with such persistence that a poor soul (me) has to bend back and break fingernails before figuring out that using another implement is necessary to separate them
3.) embed themselves into the bottom of your foot

Thankfully, 3.) sometimes remedies 1.), and that is its only saving-grace.

Ben devotes at least one day a week to obsess over building these kits. One of them is a three-in-one kit, which necessitates building all three models, of course.

Its a good exercise in following a sequence, and looking at a schematic to assemble the pieces. I've gone from helping him do nearly the entire thing, to just helping him look for the pieces that have been lost and blended in with the wood or carpet.

The fruits of his labor...

...arranged just "so"...

What I think is really funny is B always chooses this little man (out of many) to stand by the cars. He likes that he's holding a clipboard and says he's "a worker who built the cars". :-)

Still in pj's at noon - being lazy the last week before school starts -

His favorite:
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