Tuesday, August 25, 2009


By now, everyone knows that we see a lot of our friends Will and Courtney, and their kids, Gabe, Clara, and Mallory. Well, one day last week, X, B, and I spent the afternoon with Mallory, and although it was busy (she was fussy due to teething) it was really a fun time. She went to karate with us too in the afternoon, where she showed off her new skill of clapping countless times. :-)

You know me and photo opportunities. Mallory loved this little tunnel :-)



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I assure you, that is lead-free paint on the car. Ben thinks it is so cool that Mallory loves his "Lightning McQueen" ":-)

Please excuse Xavier's partial nakedness in these pictures...he was hot, and I was lazy, so it all worked out just fine. HA!

Ben wanted to take some timed shots. He loves acting goofy in these.
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Tiny baby clapping = very cute.


I love these next 2 because I have a picture of Nick tempting Gabe when he was just about Mallory's age now, with a piece of steak. Ben's taunting her with a cracker, but she has the same longing look in here eyes. I'll have to dig out that old pic and post it...

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This one also makes me smile, because Ben said to me as I was taking it. "She's scaring me with that spoon. I think she's going to whack me with it." I told him, "Oh, no, Ben. She's not going to." Then, as if on cue, THUNK, right on B's forehead. I laughed and he yelled at me for laughing. :-)

Teething :-(


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A clever move!

Poor baby had ouchy gums. She was chewing on everything and anything. :-(
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Can't get enough of that little Malibu. We love you, sweet girl. :-)

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