Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday, July 11

Nick and I packed up the boys and drove 6 hours to Beverly Shores, Indiana on Lake Michigan. We rented a house there with our friends, the Dannemillers (Will and Courtney, and their 3 kids Gabe, Clara, and've seen them if you read this blog;-). It was a week of fantastic fun - a perfect mix of doing nothing, and getting out and doing something. Xavier had a terrific time, and with the exception of about 5 hours in Chicago (more about that later), Nick, Bennett, and I did too.

The boys did amazingly in the car. I was anxious about how we'd handle the drive, but they were perfect the entire way there. It was actually fun - imagine that!

This is the house that we spent the week in. It was located in a lake-front, wooded neighborhood. The house was great, the bugs were huge, and the proximity to the beach was super.
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I took this picture on our first walk down to the beach. It was about a 2 minute walk from our door, but included a treacherous descent down a sandy and rocky hill. I had to give up the job of carrying X over to the guys, because, well, lets face it ---> I'm clumsy. Amazingly enough, though I was worried about it all week, no one fell to their death down the hill. Actually, no one fell at all. How 'bout that!?



Bennett spent most of the week throwing things in the lake. Here he is skipping a rock. He also lugged/heaved countless pieces of driftwood back in.
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Xavier loved everything about the beach - the sounds, the breeze, the sand. And he uses the sand to get leverage for balance too. Look how straight he's sitting! Yes, he's wearing his old, old blue glasses. He broke another pair just before we we were keeping his "good pair" safe.

We were the only ones on the beach most of the time.

Chicago was 45 miles across the lake. We could see it everyday, because the weather was so perfectly clear (lucky us!)
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Football - Clara made it past all three boys to score a touchdown. :-)

Clara is a little mother hen with Bennett, and he looks up to her so much. (His shirt is on backwards. lol)
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Here's Ben, in one of the bench seats in the house. He was totally into Gabe's little travel Etch-a-Sketch. He became very proficient at drawing "stacked boxes", as he called them. And that's exactly what they looked like, actually - I need to get him one!

This is Xavier, awaiting his post-beach shower. Look what a happy little guy he is, just playing with the towel and shower curtain. Love that kid. :-)

Oh, and our children slept in closets. What?...They requested it! They were actually giant as far as closets go...big enough to have two twin mattresses shoved in and still have room for another. Their willingness to sleep in them was actually a Godsend - the bedrooms had no curtains, and skylights. Bad news with our kids. Bad, bad news. So, Bennett, Clara, and Gabe slept in one closet, and Xavier slept in ours. (Lol. Its still funny to say. "Time for bed, kids! Run along to your closets!" HA!)
Here they are, in their luxurious sleeping quarters:

Xavier getting a little love from Clara :-)
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Fluhrer said...

I love that house you stayed at. I wish I could have a cute brick house just like it! The scenery and beach looked awesome. So lucky!