Monday, July 6, 2009

poor little canon :-(

This post, along with the following, are a tribute of sorts to my little Canon pocket-camera, which is now sadly out of commission due to an overzealous 5 year old I know. Yes, I realize you may think me silly to be so attached to a camera, but that little wonder and I have been through a lot, and I will miss it. :-(

So, here are some last glimpses of it, in its former glory. Bennett had recently been taking it outside for photo shoots, taking 100's of pictures at a time, and having a lot of fun with it. I encouraged him, because of my own love of photography. Unfortunately, he made off with it unsupervised once, got curious about how the zoom lens moved in and out, and the rest is history. Poop.

We were having fun taking pictures of each other taking pictures...



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B's setting up his shot:

And a few of him, just being cute:


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Trent said...

I love his smile.

What a sad demise for a camera.