Monday, July 6, 2009

mini golf

Saturday, June 27, Nick, Bennett, and I met our friends Will, Gabe, Clara, and baby Mallory at a Rinky Dink Minature Golf for a benefit for Akron Children Hospital's Cancer Center.

The weather was super, and we had a ton of fun. I LOVE minigolf, and I hadn't been in a long time. Will mysteriously threw out the score cards at lunch before we tallied up the we have no idea who won...but I have a feeling the evidence was disposed of because Nick and Will secretly did not want to be beaten by a girl. I totally rock at mini-golf. ;-p

First we golfed. Here's Gabe, Clara, and B waiting to begin our 18 holes:


Me and a half-naked, uncontrollably cute baby:

More cuteness:
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Hanging out in the shade, waiting for our turn about mid-way through:


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This was B's first time mini-golfing. He was focused. He was driven. And, actually, he wasn't too bad either! It took him from 4-10 shots on each hole. Not bad for never having held a putter before. :-)



Instruction from Uncle Will, with approval from Nick and Mallory.

Lunch from Panera. Yum.
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Here's Gabe, Clara, and Ben waiting for our turn at the bumper boats. At this time, I had no idea how soaked I would be in 15 minutes.

Drenched, and trekking to the go-karts:

B was distressed he was no where near tall enough to drive the go-kart.

Nick and Ben:

Nick and Gabe:
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Watching Will in the batting cage:

Another first for B :-)
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Trent said...

Looks like fun. I haven't mini-golfed in years. Are those your new bangs Kristy??? They look great--very hip and happening!! ha


Kristy said...

yep, those are them. (thanks!) and they're even shorter now...i chopped more off about a week ago! ;-)