Monday, July 6, 2009


We spent the 4th of July at home, just having a little cookout with our family and Nick's parents, because I worked at 3pm. After we ate, Nick was pulling the boys in their wagon - very fast - through our backyard. He does this all the time, but on this go-round, he hit a hole in the yard. The wagon tipped, and both boys flew out a few feet. B popped up right away, unscathed. Xavier fell hard (he can't protect himself from falls...his trunk and arms aren't strong enough) and hit the side of his head.

His glasses didn't break, but they managed to cut up the side of his face, give him a little shiner, and he got some grassburn on his forehead.

He took it like a man, only cried for about 3 minutes, and then just "talked" about it to us for awhile. It was very pathetically cute how he seemed to be saying, "we were going really fast, and then...and then..." :-) Nick finally let me hold him (he wouldn't let me at first, because he felt so bad about it). We were worried about him, because he fell asleep right after it happened. But he was tired before the fall (which was a reason for the wagon ride, we were trying to perk him up) we think he was just completely wiped out from all the drama.

Right after:

I didn't want to leave for work. :-(

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This was the next day. He was getting ticked at me for taking so many pictures.

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And today (2 days out...)


(I love the picture above, even though he has a little black eye in it. :-)
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Trent said...

Ouch is right! That is so sad!
Glad he survived and realized just what Casron had always suspected---wagons are NO GOOD! ha!


Kristy said...

funny! - Carson's had it right all along!