Monday, July 6, 2009


Here's some pictures from a trip to the park a few weeks ago. They are the last pictures that my little baby pocket Canon took before Ben manhandled it into extinction. R.I.P., dear old will be missed :-(

The boys can barely fit in the bike trailer now.

Sand angel!


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Xavier loves sand, because it helps him balance while sitting.


Bennett was saying, "what the heck is this thing, anyway?" HA!

And in this one, he's pointing out an airplane.
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B took these next two:


The last timed shot from my little Canon. BOOHOO!! :-(


Trent said...

I can read Xaviers mind on that first picture

"Give me some stinkin room brother!!!!!"

The family shot is great! I still love those bangs Kristy.

Oh--and the couples shot. We're just so inlove. Each day is a new adventure. We never hit a rough patch. hee hee Okay, I'm done. And I really do like the picture!


Kristy said...

"each day is a new adventure...we never hit a rough patch" - HAHAHA!! ;-)