Thursday, April 2, 2009

WHAT?! Xavier is SIX?

You've got to be kidding me. My little dude is SIX today?!

Xavier had a super fantastic day - I mean, it was 65 and sunny out, so who wouldn't have a great day, right?

My boy is all about attention, so when his classmates, teachers, and then us here at home lavished him with kisses and birthday wishes, it totally made his day. He shared cupcakes with his friends at school:

After school, Ben told me that he and Xavier wanted "birthday hotdogs." He was right! -- Xavier "mmmmm'd" all the way through lunch. Then it was on to spending hours outside playing. Yay spring!

Nick brought Xavier home a balloon (and one for Ben, too) and he spent a long time at the table just bapping at it happily before dinner, which by the way was spaghetti - his absolute favorite.

After dinner was a bath, of course, and then opening a few gifts including those from our great friends the Fluhrers. THANK YOU sooooooooo much - that parachute is unbelievably fun - he LOVES it and its going to be such a blast to play with.

I think Xavier felt like it was his "BIG TOP BIRTHDAY" underneath the parachute. Crazy fun!!! :-)

Saturday is Xavier's there's more birthday madness to come! Stay tuned! :-)

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Trent said...

Happy Birthday Xavier!!!!! So lucky to have a warm Spring day on your birthday. Thats a present in itself these days!We're glad you loved the parachute.