Monday, April 27, 2009

The boys on stage

I'm not sure how this post got missed on the blog, but better late than never. The boys had their annual school show on March 26th. The theme was weather, and they sang several songs, some with hand motions. Both of them did very well, despite dualing meltdowns right when we got there (Bennett > Xavier). But the two of them managed to pull it together (along with their mother, who was near a breakdown herself because of a rough day with them), and the show was great.


I love this one - cropped just right with the mic right in from of him...looks like he's fronting his own band, casually, with his hands in his pockets. :-)

It was difficult to get both boys in one shot, because they weren't very close to each other on the stage. Here's Xavier with one of his favorite people, Ms. Dianne and a little buddy, Trent.

Ben after the show with friends Saige and Haley:

Xavier looking quite dapper and pleased with himself.

There was an open house in the classroom afterwards. We talked with the boys' teachers, picked up some of their artwork, and played with a tornado tube, which both X and B are fascinated by.

And, staying true to form, Xavier really started to warm up to the situation and have fun, just when we were needing to go home. He takes a while to adjust, so this is a common theme. Here he is in the parking lot with Auntie Meam, acting like the giant hambone that he is.

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Fluhrer said...

These are great pictures! I love that one by the microphone too. He does look like he is "casual yet cool" by the mic. Very good.
I bet Xavier enjoyed himself too. What a fun class.