Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring, according to Bennett:

1. Trips to the metropark to feed the ducks and walk the trails. (I love the expression in the first one - he's so perturbed that there are no ducks. In the past, there have been nearly 50 there to feed. Now, there is only one lonely swan, which he called over by shouting "C'mere big white duck!!!" ;-)

2. Planting. This is my creative boy planting a "cereal tree" from a "cheerio seed".

3. Bubbles. Lots and lots of bubbles.

1 comment:

Fluhrer said...

Ben looks so much older to me in these pictures.
Yeah...1 duck is a huge bummer!
But atleast you guys will be the only ones in the neighborhood with a Cheerio tree soon. Wont it be fun to rake those up in the Fall! HA! Okay..I'm done now.
Love the pictures.