Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

The day flew by in a flurry of activity, as I needed to head off to work at 2:30. But the good news is, we got everything in...from Mass in the morning to a dinner in the early afternoon, and all sorts of fun moments in between.

We woke up Easter morning a little before 7am when Bennett shot through our door shouting, "The EASTER BUNNY CAME!!!" He knew this to be true because of the cottonball trail leading from his and Xavier's doors down to the note that had been left for them. We had much difficulty getting Ben to wait the 2 minutes it took us to get Xavier up, and get dressed before heading downstairs to see what goodies awaited.

He found both his and Xavier's baskets very quickly. Here he is holding up a package, which he unwrapped in record time to reveal a PlayDoh Icecream shop.

Xaview with his cute little basket that "ba's".

I don't know that I will ever get a picture with both boys looking at the camera at the same time and smiling. This phenomenon is similar to fighting gravity - try as you might to overcome it, "it" always wins. Sigh. They look cute, nonetheless.

Ben had an egg hunt out in the backyard while we were getting dinner ready. I expected this would take him awhile, but he found all 27 eggs very quickly. He was focused...intent...on a mission. And SO happy to find that each egg contained a few coins for his piggy bank. We're attempting to teach Bennett the value of saving, and patience in waiting to buy something until you have enough money. Once his bank is full, we'll count it up, and he can pick out anything he'd like to buy with the money.

I realize that its genetically impossible - but Bennett looks so much like Nick in this photo to me. I think kids pick up facial expressions/body language that go as far as actual appearance does in "looking" like their parents. :-)

So! Now that Easter's come and gone in the blink of an eye, lets get on with it, and have some spring weather, shall we? :-)

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Fluhrer said...

I love the matching vests! They look so handsome together. What a fun easter. The cotton balls were a great idea!!!!