Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never say never.

That is the life lesson that our family reviewed this evening.

All afternoon, Xavier had been saying "mmmm" on and off. I thought he was trying to say "mom", which we've been working on FOREVER, to no avail. Up until today, Xavier has never spoken a real word. He "talks" a lot, but its mostly vowels sounds, sometimes with a consonant thrown in here or there for good measure. He understands a lot of what we say, but isn't able to communicate back with words that have definite meaning. Occasionally, he'll say "hhhhaaaa" when it would be appropriate to say "hi", but we can't be absolutely sure that's what's going on.

Well, at dinner, we were having tacos, which he LOVES. And he kept saying "mmmm!" We just thought he was loving the tastiness of the meal (he "mmm's" when he's happy with food.) But the "mmm" quickly turned into "mmmmo" and then, clear as day ---> "MOOORRRE". We all drew in our breath, and Nick and I were completely speechless. Could it really be?! Saying "more" is something we've literally been working on for about 4 years now. But almost immediately Ben shouted "XAVIER SAID MORE!!! His muscles are starting to work!!!" Which totally confirmed that it wasn't wishful thinking on my part that I had heard him say that. So Nick said, "Xavier, did you say more? Do you want more?" And Xavier got a big smile and hit the table with his hands, which is his usual "sign" for more.

Oh, I about cried.

NEVER will I say "No" again to someone that asks me "will he ever be able to talk?". Or any "will he _____ ?" question, for that matter. Now, I will say, with confidence, "its possible".

Thank you, Xavier, for continuing to show me that life is filled with pleasant surprises, and that knocking down boundaries built up in your way is totally possible. You are AMAZING, and I love you.

This picture was taken on an afternoon a few weeks ago, after me smiling at the fact that all three of us were sitting at the table with "computers", all intent on our separate activities...but enjoying each other's company at the same time :-)


Fluhrer said...

That is FABULOUS!!!!! Yep, I am so thrilled for X because I am sure it made him feel so happy that he did it!!!


Anonymous said...

I tried to keep up on your blog every now and than. You don't know how excited I was to read this! Yay X!!!! I knew you could do it! I can't imagine how proud you made your mommy and daddy because I certainly was! Keep up the good work.

-Leann (early intervention)