Friday, April 11, 2008

Kalahari Waterpark

OH MY! Kalahari Resort and Waterpark was an absolute blast!! We went for a 3 day weekend April 4-6, partially to celebrate Xavier's 5th birthday, and mostly to have fun! We were excited to be able to go with two other families with children around Xavier and Ben's ages, making things extra interesting, chaotic, and fabulous. :-)

Here are Ben and buddy Clara, anticipating a very fun weekend.

And Gabe and Xavier drying off after a long day of fun.

Xavier had amazing tone while we were there, its as if all the sensory overload - noise, temperature, new things to look at - alerted him to sit up and pay attention!

We weren't sure how Xavier would react to the waterpark, but he surprised us by being completely happy with everything there. This included chilly water, lots of splashing, water falling on him or splashing into him, kids screaming, and the constrant drone of rushing water. It all thrilled him to no end!

Benny scoped out everything, carefully choosing what to do next. I was very proud of him for being so patient when we asked him to wait to move on to the next activity. Here he is looking at some of the "big kid slides" as he called them...he asked me several times to go ride them with him...but in the same breath would say, "I too little. I need to grow bigger to ride the slides." Awww, sorry buddy. Maybe next time.

This is one of the slides he could ride. And he loved it. So did Xavier! Nick rode with them a couple times.

Ben and I rode the "Lazy River" several times. He loved bobbing up and down in the tube, but absolutely hated the waterfalls cascading down at different points in the river. We avoided them, and all was well!

Kalahari is great for families. They have a few play areas geared just for preschool age kids and we spent lots of time in these spots (although they tied with the big wave pool for the boys' favorite places to be!) Here are Nick, Xavier, and Clara mid-slide!

And after...happiness!

Ben and Clara enjoyed all the slides, oh, about a gazillion times.

Ben was obsessed with all the little squirters and fountains everywhere. (As were most 3 year old children there!) They loved plugging them with fingers, feet, hands, or even their little bums, and then watching the burst of water as they removed whatever was blocking the fountain.

Examples of Xavier's delight with Kalahari.

Want a snack Mr. Turtle?

Well, maybe the turtle didn't want a snack, but Xavier and Ben did! Here's Clara helping Xavier at snack time. I told her to be careful, that turtle in the pool might not bite, but Xavier can! We call him "snapping turtle", better get your fingers out of the way fast when you're feeding him, or you might lose one!

Ben enjoyed refreshment throughout the day too!

And Happy Birthday again Xavier! We brought this yummy cake with us to celebrate. And of course, it HAD to have Xavier's favorite character on it - Mickey Mouse. He's obsessed. He MUST watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse every morning. OR ELSE. Don't try skipping it, its ugly. ;-)

The weekend was so much fun...I'll let the next two pictures tell you just how much - they explain it perfectly!

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Melissa said...

Wow, it looks like you guys had such a great time. I love all the new pictures!!