Friday, April 11, 2008

Kalahari petting zoo

Kalahari resort has a giant convention center connected to it, and lucky for us, there was a small petting zoo included in the outdoors convention going on. Here's Ben trying out a motor scooter being displayed. Enjoy it now, Ben. This is the only time you'll ever be sitting on one with my permission! (Sorry buddy, but that's when you get when Mom used to work with patients that have brain injuries...)

On to the petting zoo!
I regret that we do not have a picture of the snakes Ben and I got to pet. They were HUGE! Giant boa constrictors! Ben was fascinated by them. They were in a small pen on the floor, slithering around. Ben told me, "Mommy, I want to get in there with them!" Um, no, Ben. Instead, the "snake-man" brought one of them over to us and we were able to see it up close and touch it. So why no picture? Nick HATES snakes, and I had the camera...he wouldn't even get close enough to grab it from me to take a picture. Bless his heart. :-)

The rest of the animals were much more contained, fuzzy, and harmless. ;-) Ben and Xavier got to feed the pygmy goats and kangaroos crackers.

Ben liked trying to get them to eat one piece of straw at a time, just like the horses he rides in the summer...

The kangaroos were so cute and hoppy! And soft! I had no idea how fluffy their fur is. Xavier was quite taken with the kangaroos and antelope. He looked at them intently and reached for them. They were very interested in him too. I'm always amazed at how much animals seem to be drawn to Xavier. They like to look at him just as much as he likes to look at them. He and the kangaroos and antelope shared a few meaningful looks and nuzzles :-)

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Melissa said...

I totally agree about the motor scooters, it so rediculous that wearing a helmet isn't a law (at least it's not in this state).

BTW, I love the kangaroo shots!