Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Xavier!

Its official, our little boy is FIVE! I can hardly believe its been that long since he entered our lives at 5:59am April 2, 2003. By the way, personally, I think its hilarious that more often than not, the first time I hear Xavier awake every morning is almost exactly 5:59, give or take a minute or two. That just must be his pre-programmed 'start time'. :-)

Xavier had a delightful day filled with the simple things in life he loves: school, friends, family, balloons, and cake. Who could ask for more?!

Xavier and Ben loved playing with the birthday balloons. Xavier giggled about this activity for about 40 minutes.

Xavier LOVES cake. I was surprised when his teachers told me that he was angry about the cupcakes he brought to share with his friends at school that day (Ben and I had made them the day before). He apparently yelled at the cupcake when they showed it to him, and refused to eat it. Strange. BUT, at home, it was a different story. He reached for the plate of cupcakes as soon as we brought it near him.

Ben helped blow out the candles.

Xavier anhilated his cupcake, smashed it all over the place while eating it. :-)

Opening presents! Xavier got a special swing from us that allows you to lay down while swinging, and lots of other toys and clothes.

We also celebrated Xavier's birthday by going to Kalahari Resort/Waterpark for a long weekend - be on the look out for a post soon!

Happy Birthday, Xavier! We love you more than words could ever express! xoxo!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Xavier! Mmmm...those cupcakes looks good! I can't wait to see the photos of your Kalahari trip.

Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Xavier!! The cupcake story is great! And it makes perfect sense that the cupcake would make him mad and then happy a few hours later! hee hee! (Reminds me of someone I know)
Happy big number 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!