Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Brown cheese!

A few weekends ago, Nick, Ben and I went down to Millersburg to visit with my sister Kelly and our brother-in-law Brian. We had a really enjoyable day - lunch at an Amish restaurant, a bit of shopping (indulging my sister's and my fondness for Vera Bradley bags), and then drove around in the middle of nowhere. We took in the beauty of early spring in a area without powerlines and were ok with being lost for a little while. Brian grew up there, and insisted that although he had no idea where we were, we were not lost. I believe we all laughed when he said, "Hey, we're still in Holmes County somewhere, so we can't be lost!" HA! (That's humorous, because Holmes County is a rather large rural county in Ohio, where everything looks relatively the same to me. I'd get lost in a hurry.) Its so serene there, even though there were houses, we were in the heart of an Amish community - so it was untouched by lots of the usual neighborhood nuisances. A view into a different life. Ben promptly fell asleep and the 4 of us caught up.

Before our drive, we visited Heini's Cheese Factory. Kelly had asked if we'd be interested in going there, my reply? "YES! How can we pass up eating cheese for about an hour?" Oh the samples! Probably about 60 different kinds of cheese and lots of other local flavor to taste and buy. Ben loves cheese (as do we all), and he was content to sit and scoot along the case of cheese as we made our way through the sampling line. Here he is lifting a giant cheese wheel.

We got through about the first 20 cheeses, and I saw in the middle of the aisle there was another favorite of mine - fudge. So I brought Ben a sample of the peanut butter fudge, which he immediately spit out because I didn't tell him what it was and he must have thought it tasted funny after expecting me to be handing him cheese. After I explained what it was, he wanted to sample the other 5 flavors of fudge they had (alright, I might have wanted to try them too...) Yum. Delicious.

Then we got back in the cheese line. Aunt Kelly said, "Hey Ben, what do you like best? The orange cheese or the white cheese?" He quickly said, "I like the BROWN cheese the best!" Meaning the fudge of course. So now, fudge will forever be known as "brown cheese" in our household. Very cute Ben :-)

When we got back, Xavier got a treat after we picked him up from Grandma and Grandpa's. He got to "drive" the car up the driveway. He belly laughed the whole way.

Thanks for the memorable day, Kelly and Brian!! Can you please bring some more brown cheese up our way when you come next? hehe!


Melissa said...

OMGosh, brown cheese...that is so stinkin cute!!!

Teagansmama said...

Brown cheese!! That's a riot!!