Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kalahari arcade

To get to the waterpark, we had to make our way through an arcade/miniature golf area. As soon as we approached the first time, I knew that Xavier would either love it or hate it. And thankfully, it was the former. He clapped his hands, giggled and kicked each time we walked through and when we stopped to play some games. Apparently, the dim overhead lighting coupled with flashing colored lights, kids laughing/screaming, loud voices, beeping, and many different types of music from the games all bombarding his little brain at once was a good thing! Who knew!?

Ben and Nick had loads of fun here...

Ben's favorite by far was "Whack a Mole" - he acceled! ha! Here, Nick is helping him, but he quickly caught on and played a few times by himself. "I gonna whack them down, Mommy!"

Hey Ben, can you help out with the real ones in our yard now? ;-)

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Melissa said...

Xavier looks so perky and happy in the first photo, he's looks so much like you...it's insane!