Tuesday, April 8, 2008

50*?! WHAT?!

Can it be?! Has springtime finally arrived in Ohio?! YES!
Its been 50* or thereabouts for the last week, which has made our family oh-so-very happy!

Ben pushing Xavier, and both of them are thrilled with the results:

Xavier and I. I think Xavier's saying, "Seriously, Mom. You take way too many pictures."

Let the yard cleanup commence!


Melissa said...

Yeah, Spring has arrived! It was 64* here this weekend but now we are back in the low 40's.

Rachel said...

Look at Xaviers long legs as he swings!!! He is definately 5! Isn't it so weird how they keep getting older but we think of the boys as toddlers. He is going to be a kindergartener, wow! Great pictures!