Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas #2!

Our Christmas was nothing short of fabulous. We had Nick's family over to our house this year, which was fun and relaxing for us...dragging two squirmy, over-excited, over-tired munchkins about from house to house as we have in years past is exhausting. All in all, we had a great day spent with family - what more could you ask for?!

Ben couldn't wait to get downstairs. We were extremely surprised (yet grateful) that the boys slept in until a little after 8:00. Here's Mr. Bennett, rounding the corner with Daddy - "Wow, there's a lot of presents!"

Such concentration!

Ben loves hooded towels. Problem is- he had grown out of all the small size ones we have (he looks pretty ridiculous trying to squeeze into our duck or frog baby towels). Now he has this properly kid sized elephant towel. You should hear the sound effects he has for it!

Xavier, in his ever-present love of routines, was a little confused and disturbed by the absence of his normal morning relaxation period. He warmed up quickly after a little milk and some snuggles.

Ben had a tie for favorite gift this year...this is the first to share that title. A Geotrax train set. Ben is enamoured with all things trains. Since he's opened the set, he wants to do next to nothing else. Father and son working on the railroad.

On to favorite gift #2 - It took some coaxing to get Ben away from his Geotrax, but, Nick and I were so anxious to see his reaction to his new Diego bike. He had talked of it endlessly and this is the only thing he asked Santa for. After a couple minutes, Ben finally found his target, which we had hidden in the dining room (still under construction, ugh). He walked right past it several times, if you can believe it. But here he is, upon first noticing it, in all its garbage bag and ribbon wrapped glory :)

After Christmas dinner, we all posed for a photo, something that takes a little effort, but is so well worth it!
The Pandrea family:

And then more gift exchange madness! Here's Xavier opening his favorite gift this year...a little barnyard with animals, blinking lights and more cheesy preschool songs than anyone should ever have to stomach...BUT, it makes my little boy scream with delight and laugh his little head I don't mind one bit!

More deep concentration for the serious business of ripping open presents!

Xavier with Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt Michelle. Oh, and Ben dashing about (checking out everyone's gifts!)

At some point, Ben went to the bathroom by himself - the result:

Xavier had such a good time. He loved the commotion of the unwrapping and surrounding laughter.

You wouldn't know it - but this is Ben enjoying his first sleeping bag and flashlight.

Bennett, Kathryn (cousin), and Xavier gathered around Xavier's new favorite toy - a real crowd pleaser it was!

Our latest family photo...can you tell the boys were worn out? (happy, but worn out!)


Rachel said...

What great pictures!! Carson got the Geo Trax to and he loves it. Although he prefers to wait for the train until it comes around and hit it off of the track. If he gets impatient her works on pulling the track off the ground!
I love the bike picture and Xavier deciding to like Christmas morning after all. Very fun.

Melissa said...

Wow, you've been busy posting while I was away! I love Ben's reaction to his new bike, especially the jumping off the ground...good timing on the photo! I also really like Xavier's face art in that cool gift that the Fleuer's (spelling?) got you! I'm so glad you had a great holiday!