Thursday, December 6, 2007

"I made a Happy Birthday cake!"

Tonight we had my dad over for dinner - celebrating his birthday one day early. Ben and I made a cake for the occasion this afternoon. I was very impressed with his interest and helping skills. A fun learning experience for him, and a nice memory for me :)

Greasing the cake pans:

I can't tell you how much self-restraint he showed with this portion of the activity. Ben loves butter. (Reminds me of my sister when we were growing up. Did he get that from you, Aunt Kelly?!) He kept saying, "Mommy, I gonna eat the butter!" Of course I advised him not to, explaining the pans needed the butter so the cake wouldn't stick to it when it was done baking. I could tell he was taking that comment in, that he understood, and decided the butter was better off in the pans than in his mouth. Good boy!

Here he is, glowing with pride, after dumping all the ingredients in the bowl. He even helped with breaking the eggs (hand-over-hand).

Fascinated with the mixer.

Stirring the was a marble cake.

Glued to the oven while it was baking.

Well maybe he wasn't completely glued. He broke away to watch "Polar Express" for the fourth time this week. He and Xavier can't get enough of that movie!

Xavier + chocolate icing = one happy mess.

Happy Birthday Dad (aka Papa Paul)! We love you!


Behka said...

What a big helper Ben is! And I just want to squeeze Xavier! I love how he smiles with his whole soul! So beautiful. Your kitchen looks nice! Are you all done with the remodel?

Aunt Kelly said...

I made cookies on Wednesday and I got some butter on my fingers while in the process. I have to admit I liked it off! So, yes, I guess it's true what they say about about Aunt Kelly. Great minds think alike little Benny. :)I just love the pictures of Xavier and his big smile and Ben looking at the mixer! Hope dad liked the cake. It wasn't white so I'm sure he did. You know what he says about white cake!

Kristy said...

Kelly - you made me laugh out loud about Dad and his opinion of white cake. Too funny ;-) and oh-so very true!

Kristy said...

Behka - thanks for the compliment on our kitchen! No, not done yet...but soon (so, I'm told by Nick).
And yes, beautifully described- Xavier does indeed smile with his entire soul. Its powerful, to say the least :)

Teagansmama said...

What is it with kids and butter? Teagan loves to eat butter! I've found her getting it out of the fridge and hiding under the table to eat it and even recently she was trying to sneak a piece off the stick on the dinner table!