Sunday, December 16, 2007

Well, here's an idea!

Unruly dog? Unruly Ben? Stick them in a cage together - problem solved!

No, really. We visited my sister Kelly's house yesterday and Ben was completely smitten with their dogs. He followed them everywhere and eventually managed to lock both himself and Maggie in her crate. Maggie was very patient with him as he moved around, covered and uncovered her, and gave her lots of affection.

Friends forever ;-)


Aunt Kelly said...

The dogs were so tired yesterday after you left. I think Ben wore them out, not a bad thing! I was suprised at Maggie's tolerance level in the cage with Ben. Good Maggie, good Benny! So glad you guys made it down in all the snow yesterday...or should I say made it home!

Melissa said...

Ben looks like he had a lot of fun being locked up with the dog! Did he figure out how to get out?