Sunday, December 2, 2007


This may not be funny for anyone else, but we think it's hilarious. Our dogs shed like crazy, all the time and everywhere. So Thursday, when I took them to the groomers for their baths, she suggested a shave may help the situation. I said, "OK! Sounds good to me!"

When I came back to get them, I could barely write the check to pay her because I was laughing so hard. They had been shaved nearly bald on their entire bodies, except their heads and 1/2 their tails. The funniest part, was that they both looked ashamed. Stewart hung his head, as if he had lost all dignity. (OK, so the bandanas the groomer put on them may have had something to do with that, too.)

The boys even laughed when I brought them back into the car. Xavier giggled all the way home. Ben could barely speak, he was laughing so hard. He said - "Ruby and Stew look funny, Mommy! All their hair gone! That's so silly!" Indeed it is Ben! But they have no hair to shed - so its all good in my book!


Aunt Kelly said...

They look hilarious! I laughed outloud at this.

Melissa said...

They look like they have enormous heads and tiny bodies, too funny!