Sunday, December 9, 2007

Santa, a train, and jumping - oh my!

Christmas is approaching rapidly! Today, we made our yearly outing to see Santa and ride the Christmas train at our local mall. Ben proudly told Santa that he would like a "Diego bike" (his favorite tv character).

As an unexpected bonus, there was a large inflatable jumping tent at the mall today. It goes without saying that Ben had an absolute blast. I even joined in the fun...the worker there took pity on poor Ben because he was in there jumping alone. He said, 'That's no fun! Climb on in, Mom, and jump with him!" So, in I went. If any of you were at Summit Mall today, thinking, 'who is that 30 year old woman in there looking quite ridiculous???' Uh-huh. That was me.

Imagine: This picture was taken a split second before Ben almost broke my nose. You see, neither one of us thought about the fact that the net would allow him to keep going beyond it when he ran into it full speed. Soooo, I hope you all appreciate this picture - ha!

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Melissa said...

That's a very fancy Santa, I love the train ride!