Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The world according to Ben.

It occurred to me today that I need to be recording more of the little things that Ben says. The acquisition of language is an impressive thing to observe. Here's some conversations that Ben and I have had over the last couple of days:

At dinner last night:
me: Eat your beans please, Ben.
B: Mommy, where Nicky at? Where him be?(he's taken to calling Nick, "Nicky". don't laugh!)
me: "Where do you think he might be, Ben?" (having been reminded several times Nick is in Boston on business)
B: "ummm, Daddy go on airplane far, far away. He in Boston. He working. I go in helicopter, chase after daddy. Bring him home."
me: "Wish you could, Ben" :)

Today on our walk:
me: "Ben, PLEASE, come back and follow Mommy and Xavier." (it takes us 35 minutes to walk only 1/2 mile...Ben finds treasures everywhere he looks - reflectors on sticks and loose gravel is apparently very interesting to a preschooler.)
Ben: "Mommy, I be right back!"
and he is...bringing me two dandelions.
Ben: "Here you go, Mommy. Two flowers for you! Put them in your hair please, Mommy."
me: "Thank you, Ben. What a lovely gift!"
Ben: "I make Mommy SO happy!"

And lastly, today while washing hands after lunch:
Ben: "Mommy, where baby Kathryn and baby Olivia at?" (he had just seen their pictures on our bulletin board on the way into the bathroom).
me: "They're with their mommies and daddies, at their homes."
Ben: "They with their mommies and daddies. And their Xaviers."
me: "and their Xaviers? Not everyone has an Xavier in their family Ben. Not everyone can be so lucky."
Ben: "yeah, Mommy. We lucky." I'm not sure he knew what that meant, but it made me smile all the same.


Melissa said...

Hey Kristy!

Hi love all the candid shots! Candid shots are actually some of my favorite pictures...but I always forget to take them. You inspired me, I'm going to take some this week!

Tiffers said...

I love hearing all of the funny stuff Ben says. I haven't worked with you in a while so I've been missing out. Grace sure comes up with some crazy stuff, too.