Monday, October 8, 2007

A new friend!

Xavier and Ben brought a new friend home from school last Wednesday - the classroom "pet" Poky the Puppy! Poky's last day with us is today, and the boys had a little project to do with him. They were responsible for bringing him with us wherever we went and showing him a good time - then we document our adventures in a journal with pictures and a story. X and B had a good time with this, although Benny really didn't want to have his picture taken with Poky for some reason. Notice in nearly all the pictures he won't look at the camera...silly boy.

Here are some highlights:

Of course, Poky got to come horseback riding! Lucky Poky! Ben held Poky while he and Xavier raced at the end of the session. It was another tie (same as last week), and again, Xavier really thought it was fun to race Ben, he giggled and smiled the whole way!

"I'm reading to Poky!" Ben said. Here are the boys and Poky enjoying a good book.

The boys also took Poky on several wagon and bike rides. In the first picture, Ben is saying, "Look over there, Poky! There's another puppy!" (Our neighbor's dog was out.)

Poky particularly enjoyed swinging with Xavier!

Xavier wanted to bring Poky to church. Here he is all spiffed up and ready to go :)

We thought about taking Poky with us to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, but with temperatures near 90 (wow!) we decided to wait until next weekend when its cooler. Maybe Poky will get to pick out a pumpkin with one of the boys' classmates, another child gets a turn taking him home each week - what a fun project!

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Melissa said...

Okay you tricked me...before I saw the photos I was seriously saying to myself "I can't believe the school would send a real dog home." I like the idea of a stuffed puppy a lot more! Looks like everyone had fun with the assignment!