Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ben's quotes of the week

"Mommy, I look super cool!"

"Look Mommy, I have a mustache and a necklace!" (I didn't even know he knew the word mustache.)

Other quotables I don't have a picture for:
1. "Mommy, Daddy, stop it please! I trying to talk here!" (Nick and I were having a conversation and trying to teach him a lesson by ignoring his repeated attempts to interrupt us.)

2. After learning that Santa will be coming soon, Ben couldn't stop talking about it.
Ben: "Where Santa at, Mommy?"
me: "He's at the North Pole, Ben."
Ben: "Where that be?"
me: "Way far away. Santa only comes close to us at Christmastime."
Ben: (obviously dissatisfied with my answer, cocked his head and said, "well, I want my presents, Mommy. I want 1-2-3-4-5-6...lots of presents!"

3. A similar counting quote: Ben was carrying around a little bowl of about 20 acorns in our backyard when our neighbor asked him, "Ben, can you count the acorns?" He said, "Yes! 1...2...ahhh...A LOT!"

4. "Mommy, go see Xavier." he says as he's motioning for me to walk away from him. This is his clever way (so he thinks) to distract me so that he can get into something b-a-d. Other versions of this tactic exist, such as "Mommy, go talk to Daddy." and "Daddy, go do something else."

5. Tonight during dinner, Ben suddenly climbed off of his chair and ran to the bathroom. Seconds later, he came back into the dining room and said, "Mommy, come with me please!" Of course, I followed him, wondering where this was going...we went into the bathroom, he looked at me with a very concerned expression and said, "take my pants down please, Mommy. My hands all grubby." God love him - he didn't want to get his pants dirty. This is laughable considering the amount of dirt he doesn't seem to mind elsewhere...anywhere but his hands. Another example - after giving him an apple cinnamon rice cake for the first time, he looked at the rice cake, looked at me, looked at his hands and said, "Mommy. I don't want this. It all sticky. Take it away."

Ah, my crafty and smart Bennett. Provides us with so much entertainment daily. :)


Denea said...

I laugh so hard every time I hear your Ben stories. You boys are so cute!

Melissa said...

Ben is so funny! How many times did you fall for "Mommy, go see Xavier!" before you caught on to his trick?