Tuesday, October 2, 2007


We've been soaking up every last ounce of the warm weather while it lasts! The boys and I play outside after lunch everyday, soon we won't be able to do that - how depressing! They both love swinging, and Ben has taken to really like spinning on his swing. He also likes to spin Xavier, which Xavier loves. Somewhere along the line, Ben started calling this manuver a "twister". So now he will wind Xavier up and say, "Ready Xavier? I'm gonna give you a big, BIG twister!"

The wind up:

Look at the determined look of concentration on Ben's face:

Ben has also figured out how to wind himself up, by positioning himself on his belly, he can use his feet to wind up! Then he'll say, "Weeee, I'm flying, like supermaaaaaaaaan!" as he's spinning around.

And today, Ben found a new way to swing Xavier while remaining on his own swing - how talented he is! He doesn't like to see Xavier sit still in the swing because he knows how much Xavier likes to be moving. Ben takes a running start, and in one (not so graceful motion)leaps onto his swing on his belly and grabs one of the ropes on Xavier's swing. The result is a crooked forward swing for both of them. This picture makes me laugh, because Xavier looks so concerned, like, "I'm not so sure about this, but I'll give him a minute to see where this goes...it might be good..."

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Melissa said...

Oh, summer fun...why does it have to end!?