Thursday, October 25, 2007

School, October 15 - 25

More pumpkin art - tis the season! The top pumpkin was done by Xavier - beautiful mixture of fall colors! And below is Ben's a 'copying' project. His teacher painted the pumpkin on the left and Ben copied it on the right.

The boys each made a fill-in-the-blank book about apples. Xavier's is shown below, saying that applesauce is his favorite yummy apple treat. (very true! although the boy hasn't met an apple pie he didn't like either!) Ben's pumpkin book helps him understand "location" words, like under/above etc. Ben also did his rendition of a rotten apple in the bottom picture.

School is very enjoyable for the boys. For the last two weeks, they have been learning about apples and they grow, what they are used for, etc. Last week the class made applesauce! This week, as their teacher put it, their class pumpkin "got a lot of mileage." Carving, floating experiments, seed cooking and eating, and finally today, putting it to rest by pounding golf tees into it. Ben reportedly was very fond of the last activity. ;)

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Melissa said...

I love the pumpkin copy job, it looks great!