Friday, January 9, 2009

A sickness came upon us!

(Lol - that stupid phrase is so funny to me.)

Anyway, last weekend it was unfortunately true. Both boys had fevers. I suspected something more than a simple little cold was in the making, and Saturday morning we took them in to see the doctor.

To our surprise, both boys had strep throat, even though, when asked, Ben said his throat was 'good'. Xavier also had an ear infection. They were started on amoxicillin, and thankfully, we caught it so early, that by the next morning they were back to their feisty-selves.

After we got back from the doctor Saturday, Ben asked me to lay on the couch with him and hold my cold hands on his head and neck "to make me feel better, because I'm soooo hot!" He knows my hands are consistently the temperature of an icecube during the winter months. After my hands warmed up, he requested an ice pack "because your hands just aren't working anymore, Mom." So here he is, enjoying a cool head, and some sympathy from me and Stewart (the dog.)

And the small drama wasn't over! Ben must have developed a penicillin allergy somewhere along line. (Probably from the thousands of amoxillin prescriptions he took for ear infections before he got tubes. ;-) On Monday, when I picked him up from school, he had a characteristic allergy rash. Another trip to the doctor later, we came away with a diagnosis of penicillin allergy and a script for zithromax. Poor kid was itching from head to toe, but, at least we know now, and can avoid a more harmful allergic reaction in the future.

Another reason winter is my FAVORITE season!!! -- (that was oozing with sarcasm, in case that wasn't self-evident.)

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