Saturday, January 17, 2009

My handsome boys

My apologies for the ridiculous many photos of Xavier that are to follow. I couldn't help myself- he looks so grown up and handsome. :-)

I was playing with his very long hair, spiking it up and styling it. The following pictures were the product of a little photo shoot, with one of my favorite models, set to music of course - favorite uptempo songs of mine and Xavier's (that's why he's so smiley). He's got a bit of an Edward Cullen (vampire from Twilight) vibe going on, don't you think?! Especially in the first one, where he's looking all aloof and pensive. The pale skin doesn't hurt either. ;-)

And Ben wanted a picture of him too. AGAIN, in his spidey costume, which has been on his body approximately 75% of the day for the last week. He didn't wear it to school, but other than that, it only comes off for meals ("I can't get it dirty!") and bedtime. He also looks so grown up and handsome, here, I think:


Melissa said...

All these photos are very cute! Xavier is looking more and more like Nick! I think it's funny that Ben insists on wearing his costume now so much when he didn't want to wear it on Halloween.

Colette said...

I love all the photos of the boys, they are getting so big, I can't believe that Nico and Xavier are going to be six soon. Time is flying by. Hope you are all well.