Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Little Gym Show Day

Bennett recently ended the winter semester in his Little Gym gymnastics class.The occasion was celebrated with a "show day", where the kids were able to display their skills for family and friends.

First was the beginning circle. I want to draw your attention to the fact that Ben is posing for paparazzi mom (that's me, lol). For a little guy who was so stubborn 6 months ago about having his picture taken, he sure has made a 180. He's quite the camera ham now.

Then came some warm up - the crabwalk...:

...and using brightly colored scarves for coordination activities (and lots of running/hopping/skipping in a big circle ;-):

The kids learned routines for the balance beam, the bar, and the floor. The instructors were there to help and spot them. Here's Ben's bar routine:

And now for his bar routine -

(no, he did not get to the top bar himself ;-)

Here he is catapaulting himself over a jumprope off a springboard. He landed on two feet and kept right on going. heehee

Some shots between the 'action'...

At the end all the kids got ribbons of achievement for finishing the class.

We're so proud of Bennett - its truly an achievement for him to participate so well in a structured group activity, follow directions so nicely, and take turns. He remembered all the routines and did them with energy and finesse. Benny - we are endlessly proud of your determination, sweet nature, and goofiness. We love you, buddy!

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