Sunday, January 25, 2009

Puzzled no more!

Thanks to lots of practice at school and home, Bennett has just about mastered the problem solving process of putting together a multi-piece puzzle!

And a fun little Ben-ism:
This morning, when we walked out into the garage to go to school, Bennett noticed that Nick's car was still there, which is not the norm. He's usually long gone when we leave at 8:15. Anyway, Ben started a rushing dialogue - "uh-oh! Dad's car is still here! Why? Oh no! Its broken?! OH NO! He WALKED to work?! But its sooooo cold! OH poor DAD!!!"

I said, "no, Ben, Dad didn't walk to work this morning."

Ben came back with, "OH, I KNOW! I bet someone came and picked Dad up. A SUPERHERO! So he wouldn't get cold! Dad must work with a Superhero! That's so awesome!"

I laughed, and as I was finishing clicking Ben into his carseat, he looked at me so sincerely, and said, "I like Dad so much, Mom. I'm glad he's not cold."

What a caring, smart, creative little boy I have! :-)

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